The Role of Sports in History


Ancient peoples played ball games. In ancient China, the Aztecs, and Greece, ball games were not just competitions, but noncompetitive ritual performances. Even the Greek physician Galen recommended ball games for good health. Ancient Rome was no different. A play on the ball game is called kemari, a Japanese version of modern football. Throughout history, sports have played an important role in human culture. Let’s examine some of the most important games in history.

In the late 17th century, France played a vital role in the global diffusion of modern sports. They helped modernize the sport of tennis, which originated in Renaissance France. The French also took the lead in the development of the bicycle. The Paris-Rouen race was started in 1869, and the Tour de France was inaugurated in 1903. In the same year, the Giro d’Italia was launched in Italy. This evolution led to a modern day sport.

Athletes also learned emotional strength through sports. Many students deal with emotional issues throughout their lives. Sporting skills taught them to accept loss as well as victory. They were better able to cope with difficult situations because of this training. The world of sports is an ever-changing place, and athletes are shaped by this constant change. In today’s society, sports are an integral part of our society. If you’re a college student, don’t let the challenges of academics keep you from enjoying yourself on the field.